Where does the time go??

Next Monday my little bear is 5 months old and that shocking realisation set off the countdown clock to go back to work – 5 weeks and 4 days left!!  It has amazed me how fast the time has gone and how quick she has grown up, before I know it I’ll have another birthday to ignore, she will turn one and Christmas will be upon us (3 months Monday is the impending birthday, 7 months Monday bear turns 1 and 9 months Monday is Christmas – all the good things happen on the 25th of the month).

In the past 5 months since I had bear and had a break from work I expected to be blogging daily (weekly at a push) and to be almost finished with my first novel.  I can now honestly say that I was very delusional prior to childbirth and these days I pat myself on the back if I can hoover the house, wash all the dishes, sterilise bottles, get myself showered and dressed and get bear out of her jammies.  If I can get us out of the house and actually get somewhere before one in the afternoon I swear it is like a miracle.

As I write this blog the bear has woken from her slumber and is having a full blown conversation with herself whilst repeatedly hitting herself in the face with her dummy trying to get it in her mouth.  I am positive that minutes ago she was a tiny bundle who didn’t have a voice and I fear next time I look at her she will be a three foot monster demanding the latest crap Toys R Us are pushing during tea time adverts!!

So with 5 weeks to go I am now in full panic mode and trying to cram in as much bonding, weaning and memories as possible because the thought of missing out on so much is too hard to think about.  I know I’m not the first mother to return to work and hand over the baby to grandparents and child minders but it still sticks in the back of my throat that unless the man earns enough to cover your wage or you are incredibly wealthy there is no other option but to return to work (I hope this changes when I have mini me 2).

On a plus note, the bear just sat up on her own for the first time without toppling over :o)