Head Over Heels in France will leave you head over heels for Samantha Brick

It is rare to find a book that has you swiftly turning the pages to find out how Sam adapts to her new life in rural France, yet each mention of the blossoming romance between her and ‘the bear’ Pascal encourages you to savour every word written. Head Over Heels in France is a modern day fairy tale written in a heart breakingly honest fashion that makes you believe you are sitting on the terrace in Lots drinking a chilled glass of rosé whilst Sam recounts her tales of mishap, adventure and love. The detail that is put into describing her new home instantly places you in the picturesque setting of Lots and Cazals, words jumping off the page and manifesting themselves into lifelike scenes – each smell and taste of the food and flowers alike captivating your senses.

This book will undoubtedly make you want to pack a bag and run away to the French countryside to find love, or ignite a desire to recapture the early days of lust in the land of romance.

After following the first of many chapters in Samantha’s new life I can see room in the market for a look back on the glamorous world of the Blonde Bombshell as she flits across the world creating her TV empire to a return trip to France to peak in on her new life with Pascal and the challenges and adventures they face as a married couple. Does Sam finally learn basic French? Does Miriam and Sam’s friendship get back on track? How has Sam cemented her position as a bona fide French housewife?

A truly fantastic debut novel that deserves it’s place on everyone’s holiday reading list in 2013.