Good intentions (that will end in tears)

The decorations are down and packed away for another year, the house is bare (yet upstairs is still full of Christmas chocolates, toys and left over wrapping paper) and it amazes me how fast Christmas comes and goes. When we were younger and the concept of time was not as pronounced as it is when you become tied up with work, families and everything in between; Christmas seemed to go on forever. Those two weeks off school were full of excitement waiting for the day that Santa finally turned up with the toys and then a week of lazing around the house playing with the toys and watching the videos you had on repeat whilst trying to finish off the huge tin of Quality Street.

As it is now the New Year I am in full planning mode – the summer and winter holidays need to be booked, exercise plans are written and waiting to come into force (on the 5th because it is a Monday and all new ventures need to take place on a Monday…and that gives me 4 whole days to attempt to finish off the mince pies and Yule Log), personal resolutions have been noted and new diaries have been ripped open and filled in with important dates! I sometimes wonder if we are the reason that time goes so fast because we are constantly planning months in advance. I’m already buying birthday cards for the year and planning presents and venues for surprise birthdays taking place in the spring – I think I am my own worst nightmare.

This year I have vowed to step back slightly from the fast pace that I have adopted and have vowed to have a two week summer holiday, to work less (not as easy as it seems) and to actually enjoy each day rather than be busy mentally planning tomorrow before today has even begun. It all sounds quite easy but to me it is adventurous especially as I have 5 pages of to-do lists drawn up, dance classes to source and a garden to design. I have been having discussions with friends who are all grateful that Santa put a diary in their stocking because we all seem to get to the summer and find that rather than having all the information in one easy-to-find place we have reams of post it notes, scribbles in work books and mini breakdowns when we find that we have triple booked and it is the same day that the car is going into the garage for work to be done.

This time of year gives us that hope that we can be super organised so we can enjoy the little things (like a 5 minute lie in because the bags have been packed the night before) and I for one seem to start off with good intentions, however, once the holidays are booked I tend to take my foot off the pedal and relax only to be over taken with things that slipped my mind once I was basking in the glory of getting a good deal on our family break. This year I will not allow that to happen…well, at least not until I get this surprise birthday out of the way!!


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