The under 5s will be the reason the world will end!!

It has been five long days of lurgy suffering and I still can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel! After spending best part of this year with a cold that I felt had set up home in my chest I was grateful when it decided to vacate 3 weeks ago…little did I know that it was going on a holiday and was going to surprise me with its return.

At the start of the week Evie was not feeling herself and her temperature was on par with that of Mount Vesuvius. Calpol was her best friend and her appetite was nonexistent. There was a massive part of me that was hoping that I would not catch any of her germs this time around but as a realistic parent I knew that I would catch at least a sore throat or a mild cough. What I was not expecting was something that made the elusive man flu seem like a runny nose. In the space of a week I went from a blocked nose and a bit of a temperature, to deafness, bloodshot zombie eyes and an inability to actually do anything except feel sorry for myself. Evie, however, was a bright as a button within 3 days and has taken it upon herself to become my doctor. I love her thoughtfulness but there is only so many times she can check my eyes which are burning and constantly watering.

What is it with toddler germs that make nuclear warfare seem soft and gentle. These germs are twice as powerful as normal germs, cannot be killed off with even the strongest mixture of remedies and mutate faster than Ebola. As I write this I am overcome with a cough that makes me want to rip my throat out, 75% hearing and a raging thirst.

I do believe that if the world was to face an apocalypse, only the under 5s would survive and that is because it would be their germs that would wipe us all out! Some people reading this may think I am over-exaggerating, but many parents will be agreeing with me whilst clutching their man-size pack of balsam tissues under a mountain of duvets!

On a plus point though, I have found an antidote to the miserable world of adult-toddler flu, and that antidote is cake! Not just any cake but a joyful selection of mouth-wateringly moist cakes in a range of delectable flavours…all of which are served with your choice of beverage in a warm and cosy little coffee-come-trinket shop nestled away in Ynystawe (next door to Ynystawe Primary School). I stumbled across No6hundred after a friend had found this gem on her way home from work one evening. I took it upon myself to investigate when I had an afternoon off with Evie and suffice to say, I have found my new workplace (when I can find a spare few hours to hide away with my laptop and continue writing my novel). Somewhere that welcomes children and caters for them, invites you with open arms and doesn’t wander around you impatiently wanting you to free up the table for customers who have yet to walk through the door. If you are ever travelling through Ynystawe, I strongly recommend you pop into the coffee shop and say hello to the ever-welcoming owner Donna who is always happy to show you around.


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