Book Review – Poppy’s Planet and Daisy the Donkey

Poppy’s Planet by Russ Brown

Poppy’s Planet is a children’s book centred around Poppy the flying Penguin. Poppy’s ability to fly takes her on a journey around the planet where Poppy discovers what years of humans causing harm to the environment is doing to Earth. Poppy files over smog filled cities, melting ice caps and forests that are being cut down to sell the land. Poppy highlights the wrongs that man has caused through carelessness and a perception that the planet is ours for the taking.

This book is aimed at pre-schoolers and sends a positive message that we should be doing all we can to recycle and look after our planet so children of the future have something to enjoy.

A colourful backdrop accompanies Poppy’s travels and the book is engaging and can be used as an interactive tool with parents and teachers using its message in everyday activities. I would recommend all play groups and crèches having this book to encourage early learning of environmental issues.

A well thought out and interactive story for all children to enjoy.

Daisy the Donkey by Russ Brown

Ever wondered what the donkey was thinking when she carried Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem to welcome Jesus to the world? Russ Brown writes the journey to Bethlehem from the perspective of Daisy the Donkey. Reminiscent of Rudolph and his dream to help Santa, Daisy the Donkey enjoys her life helping in the stables ensuring that the highly thought of camels whose job it is to ferry important people across the land. One day a couple arrive at the stables requesting a ride to Bethlehem but all the camels are too tired to help. This gives Daisy the opportunity to show she is more than a helping hand at the stable.

An insightful read that adds another dimension to the birth of Jesus. A light hearted story that is aimed at children bordering junior school with an understanding of basic Christianity. The pictures that accompany the story paint the picture of the journey that Mary and Joseph encountered before arriving at the Inn Keeper’s stable.

Both books are available on and


Head Over Heels in France will leave you head over heels for Samantha Brick

It is rare to find a book that has you swiftly turning the pages to find out how Sam adapts to her new life in rural France, yet each mention of the blossoming romance between her and ‘the bear’ Pascal encourages you to savour every word written. Head Over Heels in France is a modern day fairy tale written in a heart breakingly honest fashion that makes you believe you are sitting on the terrace in Lots drinking a chilled glass of rosé whilst Sam recounts her tales of mishap, adventure and love. The detail that is put into describing her new home instantly places you in the picturesque setting of Lots and Cazals, words jumping off the page and manifesting themselves into lifelike scenes – each smell and taste of the food and flowers alike captivating your senses.

This book will undoubtedly make you want to pack a bag and run away to the French countryside to find love, or ignite a desire to recapture the early days of lust in the land of romance.

After following the first of many chapters in Samantha’s new life I can see room in the market for a look back on the glamorous world of the Blonde Bombshell as she flits across the world creating her TV empire to a return trip to France to peak in on her new life with Pascal and the challenges and adventures they face as a married couple. Does Sam finally learn basic French? Does Miriam and Sam’s friendship get back on track? How has Sam cemented her position as a bona fide French housewife?

A truly fantastic debut novel that deserves it’s place on everyone’s holiday reading list in 2013.